A funeral notice with text reading Alex Russell and Friends present The Death of Alex Russell, alongside a black and white photograph of Alex Russell in a delicate ornate frame. There is a tasteful floral pattern in grey on black along the left and right sides.

The Death (& Immediate Rebirth) of Alex Russell

Friends of Alex Russell are invited to a special event remembering the poetry persona of Alex Russell, who will sadly be shot to death during their own set at this very service, and to celebrate their reincarnation, which we hope will occur almost immediately after.

(Please note: The reincarnation is dependent on factors such as weather, the success of the ritual which the funeral clown will lead the guests in following Alex Russell's death, and the number of guests joining with the revivification ritual.)

Order of Service

The event will begin with guests who have been friends, influences and inspirations in Alex Russell's poetry journey reading their work - a celebration of community and connection, old life and new.

Alex Russell will then perform their final headline slot, during which they will be shot to death by the honoured guests and funeral clown. Alex's loved ones will then be asked to come together in a small ritual, led by the clown, to channel the immortal spirit of queer poetry into the body in front of them, who we hope will then be revived as Alex Russell's new pen name. This new pen name will then finish the set, turning Alex Russell's final performance into their debut.

In lieu of a memorial fund (as Alex Russell only intends to be dead for a moment or two before being reincarnated) there will be a small funeral merch table, selling exclusive merchandise commemorating the death of Alex Russell and the birth of their new nom de plume.


This gathering will be invite only. To register your interest in attending, please email funeral@alexrussell.rip

Invites are not necessarily exclusively reserved for close friends of Alex Russell, so those who have found their way to this website from hearing about it at a reading or a friends recommendation are welcome to register their interest. The invite only nature of the event is more to curate the vibes than to be exclusionary - an attempt to ensure those in attendance are here for a high-concept silly but still earnest performance, in order to create a fun and welcoming space for all involved.

The ceremony will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 3rd June - the venue and exact time will be revealed in the invites only, and while those invited are asked not to make this information public, guests are welcome and encouraged to bring friends. This is a celebration.

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